How Does TalentGo Work?

Last Updated: March 30 2020 03:49 PM PST

Thank you for your interest. I’m Onur, the creator of TalentGo. I wanted to share some information about TalentGo. Since the product is new and being shaped as we hear from our customers, this document ends up being edited a lot.

What is TalentGo?

In a nutshell, ​TalentGo is a platform for music schools to create virtual talent shows. It’s almost like renting a virtual stage. We have the tools broadcast your talent shows to the world.

Before the Show - Marketing Materials

As soon as you create the show, we create a dedicated page for your show, and send you marketing material that you can utilize.

Here is a list of things you will get:

  • Show Poster Image you can use on your emails / social channels.
  • Video Guide you can send parents so they take the best looking videos with great sound.
  • Email templates for the event including Event Description template, Event Reminder Template and After Show Template

We are also here to help if you need help with creation of marketing materials.

Virtual Stage

TalentGo will create a page dedicated to your talent show. Let’s call it a ‘Virtual Stage’ for now. Here are some of the features of the ‘Virtual Stage

Event Countdown

The countdown section will be created after you create your event. You can share this page with your audience, or if you choose to sell tickets, you can share it with ticket holders.

The event video will not be available until the countdown ends.

Live Chat

The ‘Virtual Stage’ has a live chat feature so your audience can cheer and encourage the performers during the event

Live Cheering

You can clap, send hearts to the performances that everybody will see. (being implemented)

TalentGo Can Pay for Itself

The most obvious way we can think of is to charge an ‘Entry Fee’ per student. This can easily help the tool pay for itself, and make profits as well.

One way to offset your costs can be selling tickets for the virtual event. This way only people who purchase a ticket gets to view the show at the ‘Virtual Stage’.

We do not charge any commissions or processing fees other than taxes. If you choose to use TalentGo for ticket selling and/or entree fee processing, you set your price, we sell the tickets for you.

Talent Show Video

We create a Virtual Talent Show Video from videos of your students you submit.

The only thing you (the client) need to do is to upload student videos and provide basic information about the student to be displayed such as ‘name’, ‘age’, and ‘instrument’.

You can upload an introduction video to start the event and and outro video to wrap the event up as well.

Once the upload is done, we double check the video names, student information, and feed them to our video creation software.

The talentshow starts with animated stage curtains with school logo overlayed on top:

Then creates an intro card (fonts can be chosen by client in custom packages):

TalentGo then creates a list of videos with intro cards with background music, curtain opening and closing and audience cheering sounds.

One example screenshot from a created video is as follows:

After the Show Ends

You can still get some benefits after the show ends. Here’s what you can do with the video afterwards:

  • You get a download of the Talent Show Video, so you can upload it to your social channels.
  • You can share a download link of the video with the ticket holders so they get a keepsake of the event.
  • If you choose, the event can stay on the TalentGo show archives. it can serve as another channel of advertisement for your business.

Thank you,
Onur Uzunismail
Uzunu – Multimedia Swiss Army Knife

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